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Photocopiers for Construction Firms

Photocopiers for Construction Firms

Construction firms rely on paperwork for plans and documentation. Instead of buying a small printer which will more than likely not last very long you should invest in a multifunction photocopier. Proven to handle high volume photocopying and printing you will never miss out on your paper needs. With sizes ranging from desktop photocopiers to the fully featured ones, you have a broad choice to find the right solution for your construction firm.

Construction Firm Photocopier Sizes

If you are a small or large construction firm this doesn’t matter, we will have the right photocopier to suit your needs. The smaller desktop photocopiers are brilliant for small – medium-sized construction firms as you require paperwork but not massive amounts. These are also great for saving space in an office as they can be placed at the end of a desk. They can print out in A4 black and white with the option for colour. Some desktop photocopiers are compatible with A3 paper sizes.

Floor standing photocopiers are also good for small-medium sized business as these are larger than the desktop ones. These require more space as they need to stand alone, however, these photocopiers have a greater page per minute count for quick printing in high volumes.

If you are a bigger construction firm that relies on high volumes of paperwork then a fully featured machine will be perfect for you. These machines are jam-packed with all the latest photocopier features including a high page per minute count and compatible with different sizes of paper. With multiple finishing, for example, a booklet maker, you will never be behind on your paperwork.

Finally we offer reconditioned machines for smaller businesses and also startup companies. If you are unsure how quickly you will grow then renting a reconditioned machine is a great idea for you as you will not be tied into a long lease.

No matter which route you choose to get one of our multifunction photocopiers for your law firm, you will always have the guarantee from Commercial Business Equipment that these machines are well serviced before delivery to make sure they are working perfectly. As well as this you will be placed on a copyplan. Briefly: a copyplan is a service where you pay a cost each time you make a black and white copy and a colour copy. Read more here.

Areas We Cover

Based in Leyland, Preston we are close to big cities like Manchester and Liverpool where we can deliver and install your machine. As well as these we currently cover the North West and West Yorkshire in cities like Leeds and Bradford as well as the smaller areas in West Yorkshire.

Why Commercial Business Equipment

Our expert sales team are always happy to answer any questions you may have about photocopiers. The sales team will assess your situation and the majority of the time will show you ways to save money when leasing or renting a photocopier.

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