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Photocopier Lease, Rental or Buy in Manchester

Here at CBE Ltd, we pride ourselves in providing you, the customer, with the highest quality of service in the industry. Our fantastic team work around the clock so you are never let down. With competitive prices and fast next day delivery you will never have to halt your day to day business activities working in Manchester as we will take care of it all.

You have the option to lease a brand-new photocopier for immediate delivery in Manchester, or take advantage of our very low cost reconditioned photocopiers. You can even hire a copier on our short-term rental plan, this is ideal for projects or TV productions. We specialise in upgrading existing machines, including leased equipment to a modern reliable system, we like to advise customers to make sure they are not losing money on an old machine. Our short-term scheme usually ranges around 3 months.

What we offer:

  • Leasing a photocopier - MOST POPULAR
  • Renting a photocopier
  • Buying a photocopier

Photocopiers for Start-Ups

New companies often struggle to get approved for financing photocopiers. We understand how frustrating this can be, so we have our own photocopier rental scheme for startups. Your business can take advantage of a fully-featured multifunctional photocopier, through our excellent value rental contracts, which will be delivered and installed the next day. We offer this option because we admire all different sizes of businesses throughout Manchester.

Photocopiers for Larger Companies

If you are a large company and need a more advanced machine then you have come to the right place. Our warehouse is stocked with different sizes of machines with different levels of technology in them. Over the years people have been using masses amount of paper through their photocopiers and printers in Manchester, so sometimes an upgrade is the correct thing to do. If you lease a photocopier with us you will be put on a copyplan, this covers all of the services we provide including replacing toners and ink.

Free Print Audit for Photocopiers Manchester

One of our Print Specialists would welcome the opportunity to come and tell you about the many cost savings features and how other people are using functions like Network Scanning to save valuable time and resources. Call our photocopier Manchester sales office on 0161 761 3333 and let us advise you of the potential savings to be made.

Copier Service and Repair for Photocopier Leasing in Manchester

Having a problem with your current photocopier or printer? Why not give us a call on 0161 761 3333 – We have Manchester photocopier technicians on call and can diagnose the problem on the telephone and talk you through it, or at least give you an idea of what’s involved in its repair. Not a Customer? – No Problem - We are always ready to help and sincerely hope that one day you will join one of our highly valued satisfied customers throughout the Manchester area. We are always on the lookout for new customers, our customer service is a crucial part of our business with a large number of happy clients in and around Manchester.

Don't Wait Around! Contact Us Now

Feel free to browse all our photocopiers on our website, we have prices to suit small and large companies Our sales team are always on hand to talk you through any queries you may want to know about, contact us now or fill out the contact form for a FREE quote.