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Secure Printing

Secure Printing on Develop Photocopiers

Secure Printing on Develop Photocopiers

DEVELOP have a very simple but brilliant solution for secure printing built into their machines called ID & Print. This enables you to send your print jobs to the printer which are held until you go to the machine, enter your secure ID code and the machine will then print out all of your work. This is an ideal solution for one centralised printer, but what about if you have a few networked machines. This was a problem for one particular company who took Security very seriously which was remedied in the following way.

Every employee already had a swipe card which gave them access to certain restricted parts of their premises. We took their existing swipe card and used the embedded confidential data to permit access to any of the networked photocopiers on the premises. When they send a print job now it goes into a master queue until the user swipes their card at any machine. The users print jobs are forwarded to the requested machine and delivered securely.

This method needed only one security card for everything, alleviated the cost of multiple card systems, having to remember ID codes and the security of the ID code itself. On top of that the system was able to monitor usage and cost for each user.