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Reconditioned Photocopiers

Reconditioned Photocopiers in Leeds

All of our second hand photocopiers in Leeds have been carefully serviced, cleaned and thoroughly checked before they are distributed to new clients. These may be ex-lease machines but they are brought back to their former glory by our expert team of engineers to look brand new.

The Process

Once you have chosen to lease or rent one of the reconditioned machines we will find the model and begin the process of service. First of all, we strip down the machine so we can make all of the relevant checks to see if there are any outlying problems with the machine. There may be a part that needs replacing or a part that is missing so we will proceed to replace these parts. The machine may have all of the parts, therefore, we will clean the parts and put them back into the photocopier.

As these are ex-lease machines they will have been used just like any other photocopier and sometimes they will have dust and toner waste that gets stuck. This will be cleaned thoroughly to make sure it looks like brand new. Next, the photocopier is securely put back together and the exterior is cleaned. The machine is tested a second time to check it is in working order, if the machine isn’t working then there will be further tests and bug fixes. Finally, the latest firmware is updated to fix any technical bugs.

These processes are carried out to make sure the reconditioned photocopiers we provide you are like brand new, our machines are of a high quality and we can claim this through the processes we take to ensure they are up to standard.

The affordable prices of our reconditioned rental machines are the main benefit. These are great for short-term rentals for startup businesses or TV productions.


Leasing – When leasing a photocopier you have a big opportunity to save capital to invest back into your business by spreading the costs. This is because you will be spreading the cost of a machine over a period of time, we offer between 3 – 5 years lease time for each machine. This is a great option for any business who does not wish to spend a large amount of money outright on a photocopier; you can still purchase a high-end machine on a lease deal.

Rental – If you are unsure whether your business is going to grow quickly we have an option for you to rent a photocopier. This gives you the opportunity to have one of our photocopiers but not necessarily be submitted to a long lease deal. Moreover, you have the opportunity to add to or upgrade your rental photocopier when you like.

Purchasing – This final option is for businesses who may want to pay outright and try to reduce monthly outgoings. You will still receive the same customer service as you would with a lease or rental scheme.

Why Commercial Business Equipment

One of our main services is customer service, the customer always comes first. If you were to buy a photocopier outright from a high-end store then you may think you are getting a cheap deal, this might be true but the customer service from a local family run business is what helps in the long run. We have an excellent team of engineers who are always on the road helping businesses to install or fix their machines. We have a very quick response time targeted at 4 hours.

Furthermore, we offer a copyplan with the photocopiers. This cost covers your maintenance, replacement of ink/toner and over the phone support. The savings you make through having a copyplan is worth paying a little bit more on the machine.

If you are a business in Leeds and you have any questions about reconditioned photocopiers then don’t hesitate to ask. Call us on 01772 822777 or fill out a photocopier quote and we will get back to you.