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Photocopier Rental & Copier Leasing Services in the North West

Photocoper Rental

Whether it’s Photocopier Rental, Leasing or Repairs we have the right solution at the right price.

Based in Lancashire, we offer Copier Rentals and LeasingAll our products are available for immediate delivery across the North West and Yorkshire. Check out our new machines or our very low cost Fully Reconditioned Copiers. You can even hire a Multifunction device on one of our Short-Term Rental PlanThese plans are perfect for film productions and other special projects.

We specialise in upgrading existing equipment to a more modern system.  No matter who your agreement is with, we will offer a competitive deal.  We also sell the latest models. As brand new devices these have the latest features and excellent reliability.

What if you're not happy with your existing supplier.  Here at CBE we're happy to taking existing equipment on.  Give us a call to discuss setting up a service contract.

Having a problem with your device? – Just give us a call – One of our experienced technicians can often diagnose the problem over the phoneAt the very least we can give you an idea of what’s involved in a repair. Not a Customer? – No Problem - We are always ready to help and hope that one day you will be.

After 27 Years in the Copier Lease and Rental business we really know Digital Print Systems inside out. Our Print Specialists would welcome the chance to tell you about the cost savings we can offer. We can also show you how functions like Network Scanning and Print Management can save time, resources and money.

Yes, we eat sleep and breathe multifunctional print equipment. Our help lines are open till 7:00pm every day. Our commitment to customer support is exceptional and that’s why our service and support is second to none.

Why not browse our full range of printers and copiers.  Alternatively feel free to browse our selections from small to large devices.  Here you can choose a device perfect for your office size.

Secure Printing on Develop Multifunctional Devices

Secure Printing

Many people think that a copier is just for copying and printing, but this isn't the case. They also possess very sophisticated security and management features. Security is taken very seriously in many organisations. Sending prints to a centralised remote photocopier could be a major breach.

Just think for one minute how people traditionally print. You prepare your document, click print and go and get your print off the printer. Up and down for most of the day as you complete each job. You don’t want it to get mixed up with someone else’s printing. Your prints may be highly confidential so you don’t want anyone to see them.

Suppose you sent a print job to a printer and the Photocopier/Printer isn't working. Maybe it's run out of toner awaiting replenishment, then your print job will be sat in a print queue until it's working again. When the fault is repaired the machine starts to print out all the jobs in the queue and someone picks up your print job.

Fortunately the new Develop photocopiers can be outfitted with an ideal solution.  This gives them an advantage over other brands such as ricoh photocopiers. Click here for more info.

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  • BAE
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  • BBC
  • ITV
  • BAE
  • R and A
  • BBC
  • ITV