Wide Format Printers

What is a wide format printer?

A wide format printer aka large format printer is a printer that is capable of printing documents that are larger than the standard A4 size. Wide format printers often print in A0 and A1 formats and are used for projects such as architect drawings, banners, posters and other marketing materials.

Things I need to know when considering a wide format printer.

When considering a wide format printer, the choice between purchase or lease is one consideration along with the performance of the printer itself.

Financing the printer can be made through a straight purchase, which has a cash flow implication but is slightly cheaper overall than leasing.

The advantage of leasing is the minimal initial outlay required, with the monthly leasing fee starting from around £32.50 per month (lease period 36 or 60 months). Leasing is the most popular method of financing a printer purchase.

Each printer is shipped with a set of starter inks. Additional ink cartridges (130ml tanks) can be replenished on a next business day delivery, so you never run out.

Most of our large format printers come supplied with a floor stand and paper collector.

If you are leasing a large format printer from CBE then installation and setup will be undertaken when delivered and are included in the monthly lease fee. If you purchase a printer from an online retailer then installation and setup are not included.

Wide Format Printers – Paper Size

Large format documents by nature use larger paper size so will consume more ink per document than a standard A4 document, the offset here is that there will be less wide format documents printed than standard size documents, therefore ink costs do need to be considered as part of the overall running costs.

Our wide format printers are PC and Mac-compatible.

Why buy from CBE?

CBE have over 30 years experience of in supplying and maintaining wide format printers, we know which brand of printers perform the best and that’s why we offer the 6 canon and epson printers below:

CBE has long-standing relationships with the majority of printer manufacturers enabling us to offer a competitive price on wide format printers, as well as support with the excellent service quality levels that we are famed for.

We carry stock of large format printers so once your decision has been made and purchase terms agreed we can despatch your printer.

Wide format printers – Q and A

How wide can wide format printers print?

A large format printing machine is a printer capable of printing media between 18″ x 100″ wide.

What materials can you print on a wide format printer?

It is possible for a printer to print anywhere on a material that can pass under the printer carriage, materials such as: Vinyl, Cloth, Glass, Wood, Foamboard, Corrugated Plastics and Steel.

Do wide format printers support photo printing?

Yes, our wide format printers can print at a resolution of up to 2400 x 1200 dpi, ideal for the amateur enthusiast through to the professional photographer.

Our team will be happy to help answer any questions or concerns you may still have regarding Wide Format Printing solutions – just give us a call today at 01772 822777.

Wide Format Printers

Canon TA-20 A1 24” Colour Printer

From 25.00 a month

Wide Format Printers

Canon TA-30 A0/A1 36” Colour Printer

From 35 a month

Wide Format Printers

Canon TM-200 A1 24” Colour Printer

From 33.79 a month

Wide Format Printers

Canon TM-200 MFPL24ei

Wide Format Printers

Canon TM-300MFP L36ei

From 95 a month

Wide Format Printers

Epson SC-T3100 24” A1 Printer

From 22.50 a month