Photocopier Managed printing Maintenance and Supplies

Present day Full Colour copiers are very sophisticated pieces of equipment requiring regular and specialist maintenance, adjustment and replacement consumables. Being the central hub of Office Administration, Copying, Scanning and Printing, the performance of the equipment is of paramount importance. There are two options for the provision of Service and Consumables.

Time and Materials (not recommended)

You could if you so wish simply Buy or Lease the machine and pay for service and all the consumables as and when they are required.

Unfortunately, this means your machine may cease to become operational when any consumables are required. This is more than just any of the four Toner cartridges you may be familiar with, it also includes four Image Units, Waste Units, Transfer Units, Filters and Fusing Units. Each of these consumables have a specific life which will then require replacement and have to be managed internally. 

Your machine will also miss out on essential required preventative maintenance and firmware updates which will affect Print QualityReliability and reduce the Life of the equipment. It’s a little like having a new car and having it serviced only when it goes wrong.

When considering whether or not to buy your own consumables manufacturers base the consumable life on approximately 5% coverage of print on paper.

Click here for a sample of what 5% looks like then try and estimate how much Toner a full colour photograph might use. 

managed printing (highly recommended)

If you buy or Lease the equipment you can pay a small cost per copy for each copy you make. In return we will provide all consumables, manage, service, repair and maintain the equipment free of charge. We will monitor the machines usage and carry out all preventative maintenance and updates to ensure the machine performs to the best of its ability.

managed printing Solutions Summary

Allowing us to manage the performance of the machine on a cost per copy basis will not only improve the performance of the equipment and reduce downtime there will be little difference in cost. Some of the consumables are very expensive so spreading the cost of maintenance on a cost per copy basis will also alleviate some quite expensive bills as some of the consumables often require replacement at the same time.