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Photocopier Hire

Why Lease a Photocopier?

There are many advantages to leasing a photocopier over purchasing one outright.

By choosing to lease your photocopier, you are spreading the cost of the machine over a lease term such as three or five years. Spreading the cost of a photocopier will allow your company to save capital for investing in growing the business. When your team are supported by the latest networked digital photocopier, office productivity will increase and so will growth.

By leasing a photocopier from us, you can also rest assured that you are receiving the very best print systems backed up by the highest levels of support from our team of knowledgeable engineers, who are always available to come out to you to help with any issue you may have. Whether it's a fault, or a complex print job - our support engineers are always willing to help.

Our engineers are also trained in IT and network connectivity and will be able to integrate your new photocopier with your existing network infrastructure.

Browse our extensive range of photocopiers, if you would like more information on photocopier leasing please call us on 01772 822777 and we'll be delighted to offer free advice.

Photocopiers for Start Up Companies

If you're a startup company, you're most likely to struggle to get accepted for leasing a photocopier. We are able to help you with our rental packages. We stand the cost of the machine, and tailor a rental agreement to your budget. This allows you to save capital for investing in further establishing and growing your new business, all the while enjoying all of the advantages that a photocopier brings, as well as our unrivalled service and support.