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Develop Photocopier

Why Choose Develop

There are a number of Manufacturers you could consider, each having their own strengths and weaknesses and I don’t envy anyone who doesn’t have the experience to make the right choice.

If you think about it, we as a supplier have the same objectives as you when considering a range of Photocopiers and the two most important things are Reliability and Cost. From your point of view the more reliable the machine, the more productive your office will be and the lower the cost the more you save each month.

From our point of view the more reliable a machine is the less it costs us to maintain it and therefore the lower we can keep your running costs. Being the leading supplier of Photocopiers in the North West we have the advantage of choosing which Manufacturers products we feel are the most suitable for our customers. We have in fact in the past been main dealers for a variety of manufacturers such as Canon, Ricoh and Samsung so when we see a range of outstanding products that are better for our customers we are not frightened to change.

As we service almost every make of copier on the market we obtain invaluable knowledge of which ones are the most reliable and cost effective.

When it comes to selecting the best equipment to recommend to our customers there is currently only one choice, DEVELOP. The equipment is truly outstanding.

DEVELOP are a wholly owned subsidiary of Konica who manufacture the equipment. You may well ask why we don’t simply sell the Konica branding as the equipment is the same and just has a different badge on the front. Well our objectives are similar to yours. Konica are a large National operation and would be a good choice if you need National or International coverage, or indeed if money was no object and if you didn’t mind being just a number on a computer record.

DEVELOP are just the opposite, they provide us with outstanding local technical support, very competitive prices and have a massive range of spares and consumables all of which are instantly available from their new distribution centre and head office based in the North West. Like you, we prefer a more personal relationship with our supplier so we can look after you better.

For further information please don’t hesitate to call us on 01772 82277 or complete our Enquiry Form.