Which is the best photocopier for my business?

Which is the best photocopier for your business? Every photocopier is different, the features differ along with style and performance, and you need to be sure which photocopier would be the best for you. We supply Develop photocopiers which are a brand of Konica Minolta, a leading brand in the office technology world. Develop photocopiers are one of the best machines on the market with their high performing features and stylishly modern look.

These multifunctional devices are both compact and packed with all of the latest features, with most of the machines fitted with a new full size touch screen intuitive which resemble a smartphone or tablet. This makes the machine user friendly and very easy to navigate around. One of the main reasons why Develop use a unique touchscreen operating system is so users can easily use the photocopier with very little effort, which in turn increases productivity and improve office workflow.

Furthermore, energy efficiency is a main factor with the Develop photocopiers as the machines are switched on all day, and in some cases, all night. The average weekly consumption of power is at a low and the machine uses very little power when it is placed in sleep mode. All Develop machines follow a similar style however some machines vary in size and performance but still keep the same technology based features.

The Size of the Photocopier

At Commercial Business Equipment we categorise the machines in a specific way so you, the customer, can find what you are looking for easily.


Our desktop photocopiers can fit on the end of a desk; they don’t require a lot of space which is good for smaller businesses that may not have the facilities for larger photocopiers. As these photocopiers are smaller you may think the performance wouldn’t be good. However, these desktop photocopiers have a high page per minute count as well exceptional efficiency. The desktop photocopiers are A4 and can print, scan, copy and even fax.

Floor Standing

If you are a business who relies on printing, copying and scanning throughout the day then this machine will be great for you. If you require printouts bigger than A4 for meetings or proposals then purchasing a floor standing photocopier is a great idea. These machines stand alone in a selected space; if you have room in your office for a floor standing photocopier then it would be worth looking more into these machines.

Fully Featured

The fully featured photocopiers we stock are one of the largest ones in our warehouse. These machines are perfect for large amounts of paper being printed, scanned or copied daily. They are able to print on different sizes of paper, have high page per minute counts and have multiple finishing options.

You will have a choice of a colour or monochrome photocopier, machines also come with both if that’s what you want. When you purchase a photocopier on a lease, rent or outright purchase then you will have the opportunity to use a copyplan with your machine.

The copyplan allows you two use your photocopier freely, then when you run out of toner or need any repairs then we will come out to you. Your photocopier will tell us when you are running out of a consumable so we can get it delivered to you straight away. The last thing you want is stopping production or struggling without printouts, so we are on hand to make sure that doesn’t happen.

What to do next?

Our expert sales team are always happy to answer any questions you may have about photocopiers. The sales team will assess your situation and the majority of the time will show you ways to save money when leasing or renting a photocopier.

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