Choosing the right Photocopier Supplier

Understanding the Copier Market and Choosing the right Supplier is the most important – must do step – before even thinking about which machine is right for you.

You will probably have a number of companies vying for your business which may even include your existing supplier. You may be thinking of spending upwards of £1500 so a little extra time spent researching your potential supplier, how long they have been trading and their financial position is essential and the good news is, its FREE.

Understanding the Photocopier Market Place

The copier market can be a very volatile business so take a FREE look here to see how the current Plimsol Analysis see the Photocopier Industry. From around 450 suppliers it will give you an idea of how many companies will still be around to fullfill a 5 year contract that you would expect your new machine to last.    

Take a quick look here for a FREE – ENDOLE snapshot on any potential supplier and for a small payment you can obtain a full report. Enter the company name and take a look at the Net Assets of the company and Money in the Bank, Anything less than £150,000 in either case should raise many questions. You may be surprised how many copier companies are trying to run a business on less than £50,000.

Why is Time in the Copier Business so important

In the copier industry companies spring up claiming to have so many “years’ experience” which often refers to how many years the company Principles have been involved with Photocopiers. Ignore this and from the ENDOLE report look at when the company was actually established.

Many copier companies are formed at the outset to establish a sizeable customer base with the intention of selling it off to a larger company after a few years. Rapid but unprofitable growth can be achieved very quickly by selling equipment at rock bottom prices and offering very low cost per copies to obtain the business. When the business is sold on, the new company will then increase your copy charges and you are stuck with a supplier you haven’t chosen.

Why is the suppliers Financial Position important

From the Plimsoll report a high percentage of Copier Companies are expected to go out of business this year alone. A good financial position will ensure your supplier has sufficient funds to maintain healthy stocks of Toners, Spares and Consumables and to employ highly qualified technical staff to ensure a trouble free performance.

The last thing you want is to end up with is a machine on a 5-year lease with poor service and lack of support.

Why Commercial Business Equipment?

One of our main services is customer service, the customer always comes first. If you were to buy a photocopier outright from a high-end store then you may think you are getting a cheap deal, this might be true but the customer service from a local family run business is what helps in the long run. We have an excellent team of engineers who are always on the road helping businesses to install or fix their machines. We have a very quick response time targeted at 4 hours.

Furthermore, we offer a copyplan with the photocopiers. This cost covers your maintenance, replacement of ink/toner and over the phone support. The savings you make through having a copyplan is worth paying a little bit more on the machine.

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