What are Black and White Photocopiers?

Black and white photocopiers, also known as monochrome photocopiers, only use one toner colour – black (K). They are also known as mono machines.

Companies who print lots of invoices, worksheets and large text documents would find mono photocopiers beneficial to their business. As they require no colour, the costs of printing are brought right down which can save the company money.

A black and white photocopier is a clever choice for businesses that don’t require a lot of colour for printing as they are far cheaper. They are cheaper on both purchasing the machine itself and also the maintenance costs.

Speed and Life Expectancy

The speed of your photocopier is the main focus, running parallel with the life expectancy these two factors are the most important for consumers and manufacturers. You don’t want a machine that is really slow. However, you want to avoid breakdowns or jams whilst meeting your monthly volumes.

Mono machines come in 3 different main categories regarding the speed of your device. We like to categorise them as desktop, floor standing and fully featured. They are also known as low, medium and high volume at other companies.

Desktop mono photocopiers typically print pages up to 35ppm (pages per minute), moving forward are the floor standing photocopiers which are roughly between 35ppm and 50ppm. Finally, for companies who have high volumes of printing would more suit the fully featured devices. These can print anything between 50ppm and 100ppm.

In conclusion, if you have a smaller photocopier like the desktop machines then it will only be capable of printing a small number of copies. Typically, below 1000 copies before it runs into any faults or malfunctions. As each photocopier is designed differently for different volumes of work, choosing the right photocopier for your business is essential.


The price of black and white photocopiers has dropped over the years. Even though the price has dropped, the technology has continued to grow. Mono machines now have the ability to print, make booklets and other finishing options.

Having a mono photocopier can be very beneficial for improving office workflow for a business. Choosing the right machine for your business has a lot of positive advantages.


The brands we offer are Konica Minolta / Develop. Konica Minolta is a leading brand in the technology industry so having one of their photocopiers ensures you are up to date with photocopier technology. They can be placed on a lease, this is a cost efficient way of saving by spreading the cost over 3 – 5 years, opposed to buying outright. Our Copyplan covers all toner replacements and ongoing maintenance as well as service calls.

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