What are Colour photocopiers?

Colour photocopiers are able to produce coloured copies, unlike mono machines. Even though they are known as colour copiers, they can also produce black and white copies. Black and white photocopiers use on toner which is black (K), however the coloured machines use 4 different toners. They are cyan, magenta, yellow and black, otherwise known as CMYK.

Even though there are only 4 colours they can produce a wide variety of colours when printing. It has been proven that colour photocopiers can improve workflows in offices, as they have advanced massively over the years. They are able to carry out a wide range of different tasks on command, as well as having the option to print from your phone or tablet.


The cost of a colour photocopier is higher than monochrome machines. However, a lot of businesses need to print in colour as opposed to just black and white. As well as the price of the machine, the cost per copy is higher too as you are printing using 4 different toners.


When you purchase a colour photocopier, it can be placed on a copyplan. The contact is made up of your usage of the machine monthly or quarterly, which ever suits the customer. When you purchase a lease you are automatically put on cost per copy (copyplan), this is beneficial for the customer in a few ways.

You will be able to order replacement toners whenever you run out, if you need your machine servicing our engineers will be sent out straight away. And finally, if you need repairs for the copier, the copyplan covers those costs too.

As a whole, the copyplan is a cost efficient but more importantly it saves time for your company. You do not need to worry about ordering replacement toners etc. We will be notified and they will be sent out to you that very day.

Refurbished Photocopiers

Your business may not have a big enough budget for a brand new colour photocopier, at Commercial Business Equipment Ltd we have a  lot of ex lease/rental machines ready for re sale. Don’t be alarmed by the word ‘refurbished’, they may be refurbished but they are cleaned up like brand new.

Moreover, when you purchase a refurbished machine, you are more than likely going to get more features on your photocopier for a cheaper price. Rather than if you were to buy brand new, you may have to settle for a machine with less features.

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