What do I need?

If you are a business that uses a lot of paper for printing, copying or faxing, then you definitely need to buy a multifunctional photocopier. These machines can do everything from copying and printing to booklet making and even stapling your printouts. Having a multifunctional photocopier in your office can increase production on a daily basis; each machine has a different ppm (pages per minute) time so you can really speed up the process. When you buy a photocopier you can increase productivity in the office.

Types of Photocopiers

At Commercial Business Equipment we have 3 main size categories:

  • Desktop – these are smaller machines which can sit on the end of a desk, they may not be as powerful and advanced as the other machines in what they can produce but they are a good option for a business that may not rely on big amounts of copying daily.
  • Floor Standing – these photocopiers are a lot bigger than the desktop ones. These are ideal for businesses who print a lot during working hours and need to make large amounts of photocopying.
  • Fully Featured – the fully featured machines are the biggest machines we stock. These photocopiers can produce a lot of pages per minute, they can make booklets and staple. These photocopiers are ideal for high amounts of printing and copying.

Reconditioned Photocopiers

As well as the brand new stock we also offer a fully reconditioned section for businesses who may want lots of features at a lower cost. Every reconditioned machine is specially selected for refurbishing and comes with exactly the same cost per copy and running costs as a brand new one.

Konica Minolta / Develop

One of the main brands that we supply is the Develop / Konica Minolta range. These photocopiers are modern, stylish and worth every penny. For a little bit of history about Konica Minolta it was formed in 2003 by two different Japanese companies merging together; Konica and Minolta. They are now one of the leading brands in technology. The machines we supply are the most up to date photocopiers on the market; with technology rapidly changing daily we are always ready for the next leap. Our machines come in different sizes and features. View our full range of products here.

Lease, Rent or Buy

We understand that businesses vary on capacity and some businesses may have high print volumes, whereas other companies may not use them as much. We have pricing plans which can suit any size of business.


We believe that leasing a new photocopier over a 3 – 5 year period allows a business to spread the cost of a brand new photocopier over a period of time allowing you to use your capital to invest in your business. Read more here about leasing photocopiers.


Renting a photocopier is a good alternative for a business. You may want to rent a machine for a short period of time; we can offer this through our short-term rental scheme. Often businesses that are unsure whether they are going to grow quickly will choose the flexibility of Rental as rather than the commitment of leasing. As well as new business startups Renting a photocopier is perfect for short term projects for as little as a few months. Read more here about renting photocopiers.


We also have the option to buy a photocopier. Businesses who have capital available will tend to purchase a photocopier outright and take advantage of one of our fully comprehensive maintenance packages.

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