Floor Standing Photocopiers

Choosing a new Photocopier can be a daunting task.

Think about it this way – If you spent £45.000 on a new Mercedes and didn’t like it no-one would know. Spend £2,000 on the wrong office Copier and everyone will know.

Speed and Cost

Speed and Cost are the two most important factors, the faster and better built the machine is, the better it will perform. In the copier world a faster speed usually means greater reliability. A few additional copies per minute means more than just a quicker motor, its a completely different design. Many people make the mistake of shopping round for the cheapest machine that appears to be the same as all the others. If it’s not built for your volume and application you can expect problems before too long.

Maintenance / Service PLan

The second most important thing to consider is keeping the equipment perfectly maintained. A modern Colour copier is a very complex piece of equipment that needs regular maintenance by experienced technicians to ensure its optimum performance, which is why very few machines are purchased without a Cost per Copy service plan. Unfortunately top quality Technicians don’t come cheap and neither do quality consumables to ensure the machines performance. In the copier world the cheapest machine with the lowest cost per copy is destined to give problems.

But neither does it need to be expensive, getting the right machine at the right price with a very competitive Cost per Copy is by far the best way forward. To help you achieve this we are more than happy to use the expertise we have gained over the past 30 years to talk about your business and your intended usage, absolutely without obligation.

Selecting the right machine?

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