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Photocopier Repair & Maintenance

Photocopier Repair Leyland & the North West

Photocopier Repair Manchester

Our technical department carries out on-site services and repairs to almost every brand of photocopier, fax machine, and printer. Based in Preston, Lancashire; our photocopier service and repair department maintains an impressive four hour response time over the entire North West, including Manchester, Blackburn, Bolton, Liverpool, Merseyside, Cheshire, and Lancaster. This enables us to fix the problem that very same day; a service we feel keeps us ahead of our competitors

Take advantage of our quick response time and our trusty team of engineers will be able to help you, call now for a free quote or apply online here.

Whether it is a 7-year-old photocopier bought second hand or the very latest state of the art digital network system our low hourly rate is the same. We can arrange fully managed, Office Maintenance and Photocopier Repair Contracts tailor-made to suit your requirements and budget. We like to see ourselves as a company with the capacity to support any type of business.

Our Team

Our technicians are highly trained to deal with all photocopiers and multifunction printers including the very latest digital colour and mono photocopiers as well as networking and computer connectivity. As times change, we make sure that we are on top with the changes that machines go through. This again keeps us one step ahead.

The majority of photocopier suppliers are sales organisations that offer service because they have to. We are a specialist service company who has developed a tremendous reputation over the past 27 years for unrivaled levels of support and quality service at the lowest rates possible. Our photocopier technicians are in constant demand from customers and other photocopier companies alike.

Printer Repairs

Bring your faulty printer into our workshop and we can repair it for you. We can also advise you if carrying out a repair would be uneconomical, and advise you of a suitable replacement if necessary. The repairs are quite frequent, some photocopiers have been used for years and sometimes need a repair to get it up and running again. Also, we always try to advise you in what to do next. This inevitably saves you money if you have an old photocopier which would be better replacing rather than repairing.

Over The Phone Support

We also have a service which can be provided over the phone. This will be any technical issues, for example setting up a new printer or repairing certain aspects of the technology. By ringing our office you will be connected through to one of the technical engineers who will talk you through fixing the problem. These are for smaller problems, we will know if the problem is more advanced and would require us coming out to you.

Call us on 01772 822777 to discuss your service requirements now; we can often diagnose the problem and an estimated cost over the phone.